Once you've been diagnosed with diabetes, it is absolutely vital for you to start taking various measures to ensure that you stay healthy and the diabetes stays in control. In the initial stages it is possible to control diabetes if proper care is taken. But even if you are under medication it is equally necessary to take care of yourself in order for the medicine to work properly. Let us see why do we require these medicines.

There are many different types of medications available for treating diabetes these days. Most of them are to be taken as pills. The main uses of diabetes medication may be listed as follows -

- Helps the body use the insulin produced more effectively.

One of the main problems is ineffective usage of insulin. This is why we need these type of medicines.

- Help the pancreas produce more insulin

Pancreas are the body parts responsible for producing insulin. Sometimes, they might not be up to the task and need our help.

- Monitor and keep the blood sugar levels under control.

This is absolutely necessary to prevent different reactions and complications.

- Slow the digestion process so that the rise in glucose levels can be at a controlled rate.

Immediate rise in glucose levels can result in various reactions and complications. This has to be avoided at any rate.

There are five types of drugs which are used by almost all manufacturers in forms of pills. These are :

- Sulfonylureas

Pills containing sulfonylureas have been in the market since a long time. These stimulate the beta cells in the pancreas to produce more insulin. The latest variations of this are generally taken 1-2 times a day, before meals.

- Meglitinides

These are also similar to Sulfonylureas i.e help produce more insulin. Both these drugs can also cause hypoglycemia(low blood glucose level) since they help in releasing more insulin.

- Biguanides

These act on the liver and help in decreasing blood glucose levels by decreasing amount of glucose created. Usually taken 2 times a day. Should be taken with food in order to prevent side-effects such as diarrhoea

- Thiazolidinediones

These act on the insulin and help it get absorbed better in muscle and fat. At the same time it also reduces production of glucose in liver. These generally have fewer side effects.

- Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors

These act by helping the body block the breakdown of starches in the intestine, thus lowering blood glucose levels. This in turn slows the rise of blood glucose levels after you eat.

Generally the above mentioned pills are taken in different combinations depending on the individual and the severity of diabetes. For eg. if a person has had diabetes for more than 10 years, these pills may not work for him. But if someone has been recently diagnosed with diabetes, then that person has more chances of recovery by using the medicine.

But, no matter which medicines you might be taking, these points should be always kept in mind:

- If you start with one medicine and are not feeling the required effects, there is always the option of switching to a different medicine.

- In no condition should you stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor because many times it may seem that you have become better and make you complacent.

- There are many side-effects which may be experienced by you. Make a note of all of these and report to the doctor. He can switch you to a different combination or different medication.

Diabetes does not imply the end of your life. It just needs attention and proper care. Keep this in mind and diabetes will not bother you.