Diabetes is an incurable disease that happens when the body is not getting sufficient insulin to get by. Even though diabetes was discovered as a disease long time back, doctors still have a lot to learn about diabetes. Nowadays diabetes is so common that everyone knows at least one person in his family or friends circle who has diabetes. One of the main reasons is our changing lifestyles where everything is available off the shelves and in most cases people don't even have to leave their homes and can order everything from the comfort of their homes. Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of deaths in the U.S. Approximately 213,000 people die in the U.S every year due to diabetes. It costs U.S around $132 billion every year in terms of healthcare and lost productivity.

There are many complications which arise due to diabetes. These can be short term and even long term. The most important thing to remember here is that all these can be controlled to a certain extent when the person takes special care of his blood glucose levels. It does not matter now whether earlier the patient was taking care or not, even one day of constant blood glucose level makes a big difference. Taking proper care of your lifestyle makes sure that you are in the safe zone.

Some of the complications arising due to diabetes:

- Heart problems

People who are diagnosed with diabetes need to be extra careful when it comes to issues related to heart and blood vessel disease. Diabetes increases your chances of getting heart attack and stroke increase by 2 to 4 times.

- Kidney disease

This is another major area where the risks increase. There is a wide variation in the type and extent of damage, but diabetes is one of the major causes of end-stage kidney disease in the U.S.

- Eyesight problems

This gives rise to a serious problem known as retinopathy which may also eventually lead to loss of vision. There are many symptoms such as reduced vision, changes in the sizes of objects, narrowing, bulging etc. Usually present to a certain extent in all diabetics who have had the disease for at least 20 years or more.

- Nerve damage

One of the most common results of long time diabetes. Almost all diabetics have nerve damage to a certain extent. Common symptoms include pain which increase when the person is sleeping/resting or is cold, slowed digestion, reduced or no perspiration etc.

- Foot complications

These problems arise due to bad or no circulation of blood to the feet. Patients can get all kinds of foot problems.

- Skin complications

Diabetes can also lead to skin disorders. This is also one of the initial symptoms that a person is affected by diabetes. Fortunately, these problems can be easily treated if discovered in time.

- Depression

This is caused when the person affected is constantly worried about his well being and cannot focus on anything else. This makes him so worried and tense about his health that he may eventually end up in depression. Such people should get immediate help.