A person who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes is run over by an express train of emotions ranging from fear to disgust to hopelessness. But, all is not over. There is no need to be overwhelmed and give up on life. It should not be given control of your life. You should not give up your normal way of living and always be disturbed and worried about it. It should be taken as a challenge and reacted to as positively as possible. This is the only way to fight it.

The first and foremost part is accepting that you have to deal with it and there is no other option. You have to get it in your mind that this is nothing more important than something like a weight loss problem or an acne problem. It just needs proper care and attention. Most of the problems arise when people don't pay attention and take it as a trivial matter. Diabetes can be successfully managed only if the patients are careful in their daily routine and diet.

Next comes glucose monitoring. This is an often neglected but important part when dealing with diabetes. People are often complacent about it and consider it a trivial task to be bothered with. This should be adopted into the daily routine and followed with the utmost care. This can lead to serious complications if not monitored.

Another major way that stress can be avoided is by discussing the problems with the near and dear ones. There is generally someone in your friends or relatives who is also suffering and can be a good source of friendly advice. It'll be more comfortable sharing your experience with him and learning from him. Apart from this there are various support groups also which can be joined and you can discuss your problems there with people who are also facing similar problems. You can get online and also search for groups and forums which are present to help out people diagnosed with diabetes.

One more thing to get you going is an exercise program. This does not mean that you join a gym and indulge in heavy weight lifting or running marathons. Even 15-20 mins of moderate exercises everyday like walking can work wonders. After a certain period you can always increase your activity level and move on to more strenuous exercises like swimming.

Then comes the medications. Since you are diagnosed with a disease, it may be necessary to take medications. As with any medication plan, all medicines should be taken in time and only after proper research. In general, doctors should be consulted always before taking any medicines and whatever is prescribed, it should be followed. Medicines should not be mixed without consulting the doctor and in no case the medication should be stopped without the doctor's permission.

All said and done, there is no substitute for awareness and responsible behaviour. There are thousands of people who are living happy, fulfilling lives and have not let diabetes take over. This is not impossible and every person can do it if he keeps certain simple steps mentioned above in mind.